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Offered to RESIDENTS & NON-RESIDENTS of Arizona. 

Hunt the big bulls of Arizona with us. Finances no longer stand in the way of an Arizona dream elk hunt!

Elk Camp Guide Service's ZERO Hunt Fees Program is the perfect program for those who have thought that up until now that a Fully Outfitted, 1 -on- 1 Guided Hunt in Arizona is out of reach financially.  Or for those who would rather avoid a lump sum guided hunt fee!  Thanks to this unique program, finances no longer have to get in the way of your Arizona Trophy Elk Hunt!

Why ZERO Hunt Fees?

Over the years we have prided ourselves in guiding regular folks who have drawn their Arizona Elk Tag through the state's draw system.  But we have often asked ourselves, "How could we make a guided hunt affordable to just about anyone who draws a tag- not just those with $5,000 or more at their disposal to pay for the hunt?" 

The reality is that very few can afford this kind of lump sum amount and go on a guided hunt.  We desired to reach more of our hunting community and make a guided Trophy Elk Hunt a real possibility.  Because of this concept, we were motivated to make this goal a reality, and so the ZHF Program was born.

What is the benefit of the ZERO Hunt Fees Program to you, the hunter?
  • Pay a small amount yearly ($399-$449) versus a large lump sum all at once

  • Guarantee that your membership fee will never increase

  • Absolutely ZERO due when you draw your Arizona Elk Tag

  • Chance to draw your very first year or at any time

  • Your number of guided hunting days will increase over time with your membership

  • Receive the benefit of hunting with a proven, trustworthy Outfitter

Drawing an Arizona Elk tag is just one piece of the puzzle in a hunter's quest to tag a trophy Arizona bull.  Researching and scouting your hunt unit when you may live hundreds of miles away from Arizona can be an overwhelming task to take on.  Not only that, but once you get to your hunt unit, finding that great bull that you've dreamed about can be extremely difficult- especially if you are not a seasoned elk hunter or you are not intimately familiar with the hunt unit.

This program completely eliminates ALL of those problems for you!  By being a ZHF Member, all you have to do is draw the tag and we take care of the rest!  From professional application assistance, to hunt planning, to scouting for trophy bulls, and then guiding you on your dream Arizona Elk Hunt- we take care of all of it. So, you can rest easy knowing that when you draw your tag, your hunt will be in the hands of a trusted and proven Outfitter with your best interests at heart!


Membership into this program is available to residents & non- residents of Arizona for an annual fee of $399 or $449 with application service, and will never increase once you become a ZHF member.  And, you are not "locked" into the program or required to stay in for any amount of years!  Unlike guide fees which are sure to increase over the years, ZHF membership fees will never increase once you join the program!

Whether you draw your first year or ten years from now, you will be hunting with a ECGS professional elk guide who specializes in the hunt unit that you are drawn for.

It is possible to draw your very first year in the program!  When you draw your Arizona elk tag, your guide fees are completely covered by your membership and there is nothing more to pay!

Your membership benefits will increase over time so signing up sooner guarantees you more guided hunting days when you draw! 

Here is how it works: Membership is $399 or $449 per year for residents & non-residents of Arizona.

  • 1 to 3 year members receive 5 fully outfitted or 7 guided only, 1-on-1 guided hunting days

  • 4 to 6 year members receive 7 fully outfitted or 10 guided only, 1-on-1 guided hunting days 

  • 7 to 9 year members receive 10 fully outfitted or 14 guided only, 1-on-1 guided hunting days (if season dates allow)

  • 10+ year members receive 14 fully outfitted, 1-on-1 guided hunting days (if season dates allow)

* Members who draw tags in early years do have the option to add days to their hunt, if they do not tag an elk within the allotted number of hunting days. Arizona's firearms hunts are 7 days long and the archery hunt is 14 days long.*

Sign up and have your guided hunt fees covered by your ZHF Membership!

New signups will be available to a limited number of members, so don't miss out!  

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Come hunt the Big Bulls of Arizona with us!
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Chris from ND here. I talked to you earlier this year about your Zero Hunt Fees program. As it turns out I should have signed up and joined the program! My cc was hit for an elk tag. My hunt choices were unit 9 archery followed by unit 3C archery. Odds are that I drew 3C. I am interested in your services. Wondering if you have any insights/info for me regarding your services in these two units.

Thanks, Chris

Kevin Mitchell 22' 9 Archery.jpg
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