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We at Elk Camp Guide Service want to maximize your Arizona Elk hunting opportunity. Rest assured that we will be prepared for your hunt with us. We ask that you be prepared to the utmost as well.


We have nothing against re-curves or long bows, but we highly encourage our hunters to use a modern compound bow. Shots typically range from 10 to 50 yards. Practice shooting out to 80 yards and beyond so that a 50 yard shot becomes easy.  Be sure to practice shooting your broad heads well before your hunt since they may group differently than your field points. Try to familiarize yourself with what 300", 320", 350", 370", & 400" bulls look like so when we call them up you will have an idea of what you are looking at.


Elk are extremely tough animals. We recommend that our hunters shoot a Bolt Action rifle equipped with a quality scope. We recommend Magnum calibers in 7mm, & .300 for big bull elk.  Choose bullets constructed for large, thick-skinned game. On the early bull hunts prepare for 20 to 300 yard shots. Late bull hunts prepare for 100 to 500+ yard shots. A quality, variable power scope with a minimum top end power of 14X with a ballistic reticle or turret is highly recommended. We can't stress enough that late hunters must practice for long range shots to succeed!

Muzzleloader hunters should equip their gun with a quality, variable power scope with a ballistic reticle or turret, and be prepared and capable to shoot out to 200 yards.  Being prepared for a quick reload is a must.


Due to an elk's incredible senses we insist that you wear camo clothes that are dead silent. Waterproof clothing is noisy and should only be worn when it's raining. Please choose quiet footwear and bring along a pair of Super Sneakers, Safari stalkers, or something similar if you are an archery or early firearms hunter. A great camo pattern that "fits" well in all types of Arizona elk habitats is the SKRE "Summit" pattern available at

Please be in the best shape of your life upon arriving for your hunt. Nothing will affect the outcome of your hunt more than your conditioning. If you are ready to walk 2 to 4 miles at a steady pace in rolling elk country, you are ready to kill a big bull.

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