Hello Elk Hunters,

The elk calls that you've been waiting for are finally here!  I teamed up with Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls to produce these premium quality elk calls.  They are manufactured to my exact specifications.  You have to try them to believe how perfect they sound, how easy they are to blow, and how they last! 

They are the most tone accurate elk calls I've ever blown and I am 100% satisfied with the sound quality and durability.  Each one has it's own unique sound and specialty.  Give them a try- you won't be disappointed!

Steve Chappell 

Attention: Due to high demand for our calls we are currently awaiting a restocking shipment that should arrive by September 2nd.  If you need your calls in hand before September 8th, please DO NOT order them here as we will not be able to get them to you in time.  You can order our calls at www.BuglingBull.com as well.  Thank you for your understanding and good luck on your hunts!