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Arizona Elk Hunting- Zero Hunt Fees
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If you are inquiring about Arizona Elk Hunting & applying for a tag in the Arizona draw, we sincerely appreciate your interest in hunting with us.  Here are a few things to know about how the Arizona draw works.
1. All elk tags must be drawn through the draw process.  The application deadline is the first Tuesday in February at 11:59 PM Mountain Time.  The online application will be available in early January.

2. Non residents are limited to 10% of the tags. Bonus points increase an applicant's chance to draw a tag, but keep in mind that 1/2 of non resident tags are issued based on bonus points, and the other 1/2 are issued randomly. This means you can potentially draw a tag regardless of your bonus point total. One bonus point is accumulated for each year that you apply and are unsuccessful in the draw.  After 5 consecutive years of applying, a "loyalty" bonus point is earned. By completing the Arizona Game & Fish Hunter Safety program, an additional, permanent bonus point is earned.

3. There are no "land owner" or "outfitter" tags in Arizona. So there is no way around the draw.

4. Arizona has a 5 choice system and a 3 phase draw, but it really all comes down to your first two choices on your application when applying for bull elk hunts.


5. An applicant must purchase a hunting/fishing combo license to apply in the draw. This license is $160 for a non resident & there is a $15 application fee, so a total of $175 is paid to apply in the draw.  IF you are drawn, then you are also charged $650 for the elk tag.

6. It is very hard to predict how long it will take to draw a tag since it depends on what hunt units are applied for, the season dates, and your weapon choice.  As a rule, the hardest hunts to draw are rut hunts in premium hunt units whether they be archery, rifle, or muzzle loader hunts.

7. A change was made to the non resident side of the draw in 2016. Now half of the non resident tags are issued in the Bonus Point Phase of the draw & half of the potential non resident tags are issued in the random draw.  This change opens up the opportunity for a non resident to potentially draw ANY tag on any given year!  

8. Applying consistently with a good strategy is what will pay dividends for you in the draw. We thoroughly understand the Arizona elk draw and can offer you solid advice on what hunts to apply for based on several key factors!


We can help you with the entire elk, antelope and deer application process for free!

We thoroughly understand Arizona's elk and deer application and drawing process.     
We will take the time to personally and expertly consult with you based on facts and true statistics.  We will help you formulate an application strategy based on YOUR expectations and goals. 

Contact us today to get started! 

Would you really like to understand Arizona's 5 choice draw system, how it works, and the difference between the "20% bonus point draw" and the "random phase of the draw." We truly understand and can explain how it works to you. We will also help you formulate an intelligent strategy for your application based on several key factors. 
There is much more to drawing Arizona tags than just "apply, apply, apply" and hope you get lucky!  Rather, we believe that "luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

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All of Arizona's elk hunting opportunities are on a draw system. In order to elk hunt with us in Arizona you must draw a tag first. The Arizona elk hunting regulations become available in late December each year with an application deadline of the second Tuesday in February.  For deer, the regulations are available in May with an application deadline of the second Tuesday in June.

Arizona's draw is unlike any other states.  Contact us and we will guide you through the entire process so that you are assured of making no mistakes on your application. 
If you apply through us, you also guarantee yourself a spot to hunt big bulls & bucks with us should you draw!

If you do get lucky and draw a tag, time is of the essence. We book up very quickly so don't delay in calling us and reserving your spot. Draw results for elk and antelope are typically released during the first week of March. Deer results are released around the third week of July.

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