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Arizona Elk Hunting- Zero Hunt Fees


As seen on ELK CAMP TV... Hunt the big bulls of Arizona with us.

Finances no longer stand in the way of an Arizona dream elk hunt!

Here is how it works: membership is $399 or $449 with application service per year for both residents & non-residents of Arizona.

  • 1 to 3 year members receive 5 fully outfitted or 7 guided only, 1-on-1 guided hunting days

  • 4 to 6 year members receive 7 fully outfitted or 10 guided only, 1-on-1 guided hunting days 

  • 7 to 9 year members receive 10 fully outfitted or 14 guided only, 1-on-1 guided hunting days (if season dates allow)

  • 10+ year members receive 14 fully outfitted, 1-on-1 guided hunting days (if season dates allow)


Your membership benefits will increase over time so signing up sooner guarantees you more guided hunting days when you draw! 

* Members who draw tags in early years do have the option to add days to their hunt, if they do not tag an elk within the allotted number of hunting days. Arizona's firearms hunts are 7 days long and the archery hunt is 14 days long.*

Steve Chappell & Chris Griego Arizona 2022.jpg
Why you should join the ZERO Hunt Fees Program today:

ZERO Hunt Fees Member Success

The Elk Camp Guide Service Elk Team has a 20 year track record of producing trophy Arizona bulls for our hunters.  You now have the ability to harness our guide team's proven ability, trustworthiness, & incredible results to make your Arizona dream elk hunt a reality!    
Join today and rest easy knowing that once you enroll, and when you draw your coveted Arizona elk tag, that your guided hunt fees are covered.  No guide fees, hidden fees or trophy fees!  You show up to camp with your personal gear and your tag and we personally and professionally guide you on your hunt! 

Think about it- For about a dollar a day, you can be a ZHF member and never pay standard guide fees!  An Arizona trophy elk hunt is now affordable for anyone!  Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and sign up today...


Contact us about joining ZERO Hunt Fees & becoming a Member...

Contact Us

Thanks for contacting us. We will get back with you as soon as possible!

During September, October, November it could take us several days to get back with you since we are in the field guiding hunts...

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