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When it comes to our reputation as top Arizona Elk Outfitters, we are proud of the fact that over the years we have guided many hunters to their trophy Arizona Bulls as is apparent in our Photo Galleries.  Not only do we value the trophies taken, but more so the friendships forged with our hunters during the hunts that continue to this day. 
We realize that there is more to a hunt than just the animal taken and understand that a hunter will typically spend several days to two weeks with their guide.  We feel that a hunt is not just about the Antlers (although we excel tremendously in this area), but it is also about the overall hunt experience, and creating lasting memories that will stay with our hunters for a lifetime.

Don't just take our word for it- Check out what our hunters have to say about their Arizona Elk Hunting experience with Chappell Guide Service.

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2017 was definitely the most outstanding year that I've experienced in my 50 years of big game hunting.  This was due to the fact that after finally drawing my Arizona Unit 9 muzzle loader elk tag, I had the opportunity and the pleasure to hunt with the "Elk Master", aka Steve Chappell.  

I had been applying for an Arizona elk tag for many years and you had been helping me with that process for all of those years. The information that you provided for me during the application process was invaluable.  It was apparent to me from the start that you had an extensive knowledge of the hunting units and the elk populations in those units.  The information that you provided for me was absolutely "spot on."  It was definitely worth the wait to finally draw this coveted elk tag and to have the opportunity to share my hunting experience with you.

Elk hunting is my passion and when we finally met on the day prior to my hunt, I knew that I had made the perfect choice to use you as my Outfitter. Even with that being said, I had no idea of the epic hunting experience that was in store for me. Every aspect of my hunt was awesome.  The camp was great.  Your knowledge of the areas where we were hunting, the elk behavior in those areas, and your ability to "talk to elk" was amazing.  We were in to elk constantly.  You called almost two dozen mature bulls into easy shooting range. Several times during the hunt, we had multiple bulls in front us at the same time. 

You and I had discussed the type of bull that I wanted to try to harvest. We passed on bull after bull since they were not exactly what we both were looking for. So I will never forget the moment when the Arizona Monarch stepped out of the timber as he was responding to your calling and you whispered to me, "Bob, that's the bull we've been looking for."  And indeed he was.  What a bruiser.  What an incredible ending to an epic week of elk hunting.  And perhaps best of all, I will have the opportunity to relive my hunt by watching "Elk Camp with Steve Chappell" when it airs on the Sportsman Channel this coming July, 2018.  That will be absolutely priceless!

Steve, it's hard for me to express how much I appreciate what you did for me and how much it meant to me to have the opportunity to experience this hunt with you. I'll remember it forever and I wish there was a better way to express my feelings than just saying "Thank You!" for helping me to realize the best hunting experience of my life!

Happy Trails my friend and I truly hope that we have the opportunity to share Elk Camp together again.

Bob Saban

​​Good evening Steve!

​I am sure you have already heard, I had some great success on my late season bull elk hunt in unit 10.  I accomplished my goal of harvesting an unbroken 300+” bull (pics attached) this last Sunday.  The bull green scored 322”.

​What I would really like to share with you are my thoughts on the experience I had with CGS guide Aaron O.  From the beginning to end of the hunt, Aaron was an absolute joy to be with.  He was the consummate professional as a guide and has amazing glassing skills. We saw bulls every day and he never lost site of what my goals were for the hunt.  He had a perfect plan each day that gave me the best chance to achieve success.  As it turned out, on Sunday we executed his plan to perfection.  It is still amazing to think about and remember all that happened that day.  Something I will remember forever.

​There are a couple of moments during the hunt that I think are worth noting.  First, after sharing a bit about myself with Aaron and getting to know him better, I came to know that he is a man of faith like myself.  I can’t tell you how much that meant/means to me.  I quickly realized that I would be spending the duration of my hunt with a fellow Christian brother.  I would certainly like to think that God had this planned from the time I called you.

​Secondly, as you will see in one of pictures, we packed the elk out to the truck.  I figured we put in just over 10 miles packing meat.  This was certainly a physical chore that could have probably been avoided by finding a way to get the truck close to the animal.  There was a great reason for this.  Aaron may or may not have mentioned that we met four hunters, young USAF airmen from New Mexico, while we were glassing that morning.  We were already unknowingly at the spot that they had been on the day before.  They were kind enough to respect the fact that we were there first and chose to glass in a different direction.  As it would turn out, Aaron and I were already on several bulls and working on a plan to get a closer look at two really big bulls.  Before we could gather our gear, two of the hunters came over and shared their elk findings from the day earlier.  We let them know we were about to take off and make an attempt on one of the bulls.  

By this time all four of the hunters were now coaching us up and wishing us luck.  They quickly moved into our spot on the hill to continue glassing and watch us as we hunted.  When I killed my bull, the hunters were able to watch the whole thing.  Shortly, after the kill, two of the hunters showed up at the kill sight to congratulate us and also let us know that the two bulls they were hoping to hunt, were still close in the area and unaffected by my shooting.  They asked if they could make an attempt to go after the bulls while we worked on my bull. 

At that point, Aaron and I both decided that we would pack the elk out on foot so we could give the out-of-state airmen the best opportunity to kill their bull.  While we may have spent 6½ hours hiking over 10 miles to get the bull out, it was by far the best part of my hunt.  I had the utmost respect for Aaron, as a guide, in deciding to make the choice to put in the physical effort, all so that we could honor the young hunters serving in our military.  

​Steve, in closing I would like to say “Thank You” to you, Aaron and Chappell Guide Service for the effort that was made for me to have success on my hunt.  Aaron lived up to all my expectations as a CGS guide and certainly held up your reputation as the premier trophy guide service in the business.  I now have a new goal, to kill a 360” bull and have my name in the B & C book before I pass on from this life.  You will be my first call when I am lucky enough to draw the next tag.

​I hope you, your family and all of your guides have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

​God Bless and Go Army!

Thomas Stills

Hi Steve,
I wanted to say thanks for one of my most memorable elk hunts.  My Arizona Unit 9 archery elk hunt was amazing thanks to you.

First, this was my first guided hunt as I usually go DIY.  I was not sure what to really expect. You, Gary, and Perry were all great.  From the first day, you made me feel welcome and it was more like hunting with friends.  The camp was very comfortable and the food was great.  I think this was the first elk hunt where I have ever gained weight.

Now to the hunt…Even with hot days (I think it was 90 degrees one afternoon) and a full moon you continually pulled bulls in front of me. Prior to shooting my bull, I think we had 15-18 mature bulls within easy bow range to include two bulls at the same time on one occasion- I had a decent bull on my right at 12 yards and another good bull came running in to your calls on my left and stopped at 20. 
You also stalked us into two bedded bulls that were huge.  We had the one bugling in his bed for over ½ an hour at only 50 yards.  He was able to slip away without me getting a shot (that was my fault, I was at full draw and was stuck not knowing the range).  We also had the bull with the great thirds and the list goes on. 
I remember you commenting that many people believe that with unit 9, the bulls are easy to call.  Nothing could be further from the truth! I am sure that without you calling and your knowledge of the area, that this hunt would not have turned out the way it did.  I truly believe that people would be crazy to attempt this hunt without the help of a guide and you are clearly a great guide.

I just wanted to thank you again for an awesome experience.  Now that Arizona has proposed to change the draw rules, you never know when/if I can draw that hunt again...

Thanks Again,

John Wester


Steve, I want to thank Chappell Guide Serve and particularly your guide, Aaron for my elk hunt. Aaron was competent, professional, and a pleasure to be around.

Camp was nice and there was always plenty of good food, which I appreciated, but the reason I wanted to hire a guide was for hunting proficiency. Aaron certainly didn't let me down.

As it turns out, the weather was very hot and the elk weren't cooperating very well. Even with that, Aaron was able to keep us in bulls. Counting each morning and afternoon as separate hunts, we had a total of 6 hunts and I had an arrow nocked on 5 of those. That makes for an exciting hunt. Aaron knew where the bulls should be, how to get close, and how to set up. Sometimes, though, the bulls don't play by those rules and you just get memories.

While I don't necessarily measure the value of a hunt by killing an animal, we in fact did just that. Aaron knew where to go in the wind where we might be able to see some elk.  He was equally as proficient with handling the elk after it was on the ground.

While not a 400 inch elk, it is a mature 6x6 bull. If you don't consider any mature elk with a bow a trophy, I suspect you should find a new sport.

Once again, thanks for all of the help and look forward to talking to you in the future. Good luck on the rest of your hunts.

Mike Hummel

Hi Steve,

We had a great time on the late season hunt.  I can’t say enough about your Guide, Carl.  He is a very savvy guide and a most pleasant person.  We had a wonderful time with him.  And we told him that since we now know where he lives, he hasn’t seen the last of us!!

Eric’s bull is absolutely beautiful.  I’m sure you have seen the pics of him.  And I want you to understand it was my decision to leave early to come home.  All I wanted was for my son to tag a trophy bull.  I had no issues at all coming home with my tag.  Actually, I could have shot a bull with Eric but chose not to.  Our experience with Carl was wonderful.  It was a pretty tough trek coming out that night, but we made it.

As we intend to apply next year for tags, I would greatly appreciate your advice on which units/hunts to apply for.  If we are fortunate enough to get drawn, you will be the first to hear about it.

I have spoken with several friends and will continue to do so about your services and how you run a first class operation.  I have highly recommended you to them.  Thanks so much to you and Carl for the hunt and memories of a lifetime.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Steven Pretlove

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to thank you for pairing us up with your Guides, Mitch & Austin for our recent late season elk hunt in Unit 27.  They did a great job for us, and we really enjoyed the trip!  While we didn’t catch up to the monster that Mitch spotted before the season opened, we did get to see a lot of bulls & came home with a couple of very respectable bulls. 
It was nice to see as many bulls as we did during the trip!  Very different from the other places that we have hunted.  We were fed well, and had a nice comfortable camp.  We would definitely jump at the chance to hunt with Mitch & Austin again.  Just wish I could tap the “Fountain of Youth” so that I could keep up with Austin!!!

I hope that your hunt went well.  Heard you got snowed on pretty good.

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  It will be time to apply for next year before you know it.  Hope it doesn’t take 9 more years before we draw again…

Harvey L. Blodgett

Just returned from our late rifle hunt unit 27. All I can say is WOW!
We being my brother Harvey and myself had the pleasure of hunting with your guides, Mitch and Austin.

Mitch and Austin went over the top to provide a very enjoyable service. Their knowledge of the area was outstanding.
They provided the most professional, & kind with attention to detail service anyone could want.
There was never pressure to harvest an animal and we were fortunate to see several bulls throughout the days we hunted. We did harvest two great bulls.
Camp was clean and comfortable and the meals were great.

This was by far the best guided hunt I had been on. I have over thirty years of Elk Hunting experience, mostly over the counter tags and do it yourself style.
With the service Mitch and Austin provided I learned a few more tricks of the trade.
Keep up the good work, hunt safe and live life to the fullest.
Hopefully I can draw again and return for a September rut hunt someday.

Brian Blodgett

Dear Steve,

I know you are out guiding but I wanted to take the time to tell you about my hunt. From the moment we first spoke, your outfit has been top notch. 
I wanted to thank you for teaming me with your guide, Gil. When he first contacted me I could tell he cared about the hunt. He asked me about my equipment and told me what to expect during the hunt.
He took the time to take two trailers up to camp, to make sure I had everything I needed.  He kept me informed with trail cam pics. He asked me what food and drinks I wanted on the hunt.

When just about no one in our unit was seeing or hearing elk, somehow he knew where they were. We saw multiple elk everyday. If I can ever be of any help for a reference for your outfit or Gil don't hesitate to have a future client call me or email me.
Thanks again,
Greg Cross
Memphis, TN

Via phone message...

Hi Steve, this is Scott Kramer.  As you know, I hunted with your guide, Josh in Unit 27 for Archery Elk.  I wanted to let you know I had a fantastic time, Josh is a great guy, and I couldn't have asked for more!  The hunt was incredible and a lot of fun...

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you thanks and what a great experience I had and will never forget! Attached are a few pics of my bull taken on the 14th and last day of the archery season in Unit 27.

Also thanks for pairing me up with your guide, Chris. A great guy with a never give up attitude! Looking forward to doing it again with any luck! Talk to you later.


Clinton J. Quinn

Good morning Steve,

I trust you are out in the field having a good time. 
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great job you did in securing your guide, Justin as my guide. I feel like the planets aligned when I showed up and quickly connected with him.
You clearly listened to the description I gave regarding my likes, physical abilities and expectations. Justin absolutely has a "low key" understated ability and personality. What a great guide, and he has binoculars for eyeballs!
From the first morning to the last (day 5) we were in elk every trip out from camp. Due to conditions we never sat water but pursued bugling bulls each morning and evening which is my favorite (Which by the way were NOT behind every tree). It was a tough hunt for many up to the point I departed successful. It was impressive how he was able to move from area to area due to hunting pressure and conditions and still put us on elk. 

Throughout the hunt I was treated like a hunting partner rather than a client. Early on I made one thing clear, he was the dog and I was the tail. Wherever he chose to go I would follow! I took pride in keeping up with him but at nearly 68 years old I know he hunted at a pace he felt I could maintain. 

I missed the elk of a lifetime on the evening of the fourth day (estimated at 380") while in a perfect setup, all on me. I know Justin was understandably disappointed but there was absolutely no drop-off in his efforts proven by the success I had the very next morning.  That was when we connected with, funny "the elk of my lifetime" green scored at 329"- when we setup an ambush having gotten ahead of a group of elk moving through a drainage.  
All my expectations were not only met but exceeded!

Thank you, 
Here's to the music of Bugling Bulls!
Ralph Botticelli
Augusta Montana

Hi Steve,

I wanted to let you know that I had a great Late Rifle hunt with your guide, Ramon.  It was obvious from the very beginning that Ramon knew the area and the game we were after and did everything thing in his control to get me the elk I was hoping for.

I have been hunting for about 45 years and I mainly do hunts myself, but on rare occasions do use a guide for areas I am unfamiliar with.  Ramon hunts the same way I do, and it was like hunting with an old friend that I have known for a long time.

I have hunted elk three other times in different states and have never even seen an elk during these hunts.  I told Ramon that I was looking for a 6X6 with big tops if possible, but when this nice 5X5 came out at 364 yards with the whale tails on top and long points I knew this was the elk for me.  Ramon reminded me that this wasn't the 6X6 I was looking for just prior to me shooting, trying to make sure I would be happy with this bull.  But for me it was the bull of a lifetime.

As I am getting older this may have been my last attempt at getting an elk.  The best thing I did on this hunt was contacting Steve Chappell Guide Service for help on this hunt of a lifetime.  I got my elk and am very happy with him. I got to hunt again with my son and my good friend Ramon.

I will be in contact with you for recommendations on future hunts.  Thanks again for everything.   

Steve Miller

Hello Steve,
I am so pleased that I chose Chappell Guide Service for my Arizona elk hunt. When talking with you early on, I knew that I had made a good decision and the eventual outcome of the hunt far exceeded my expectations. You definitely know your business and are aware that you need to surround yourself with exceptional guides to be so successful. I could not have been accompanied on this hunt with two finer young men than Tommy and Josh. Their skills and hunting ability are top notch. They are personable and I feel that we truly related well with each other.
As you probably know, everything came together perfectly on the hunt and I made a double lung shot at 197 yds. to put down my 7x8 bull within seconds. The hunt was short lived but world class in every sense. I had such a good time with Tommy and Josh, I can't imagine never hunting with them again.
I also think the late season bull hunts are being overlooked by a lot of hunters and I'm going to continue putting in for them. Hopefully I'll pick up another tag before I get too old to do this.
Again Steve, thank you for everything and feel free to use me as a reference for any potential client considering your services.
Alan Wise

(Posted on Monster Muleys hunting forum)

...I was really looking forward to my Dad's hunt in AZ. He has been building points for 19 years, plus 1 loyalty and we both earned our hunter ed point this year. Dad had the most points of any NR in the country. At 67, he decided it was time to cash in and wanted to go guided. We eventually decided on Steve Chappell and couldn't be more pleased. After choosing our guide, we chose our hunt and soon received tag #1 for unit 23N early rifle.

I've only been on one guided hunt in my whole life so I don't have a lot of reference, but the best way I can describe it is: Imagine that your very best friend was a master elk hunter and that his number one goal this season was to put you on as many big bulls as possible, to make sure you don't need anything, and to keep you upbeat when the chips are down. That's what it is like hunting with Steve. I also wanted to make sure and thank Rod Miskin, his video guy, who really was knowledgeable about our unit.

Awesome hunt and big thanks again to Steve Chappell and Rod. Great hunters and top notch men. I have 18 points in AZ and just may be chasing bulls with them next archery season.

Joe Latter Jr.


Thank you for one of the best hunts I have had after 30 years of chasing elk. Your guide, Justin, is a very professional guide and really knows what it takes to get the job done. His knowledge of the animals and the area was outstanding.

And a very special thanks to Justin's whole family for everything and making me feel like a member of a great family.

The only regret I have is that it will take so long to draw another tag to come back to hunt with you guys.

Thanks for everything,

Lester Smith

Hello Steve,

Attached are some pictures of my Arizona 3A/3C archery elk that I took with your guide, John. I actually missed on a chance at a true giant but was able to connect on this nice bull. The trip was awesome, and I had chances at many bulls before shooting this one while it locked up in battle with another big bull.

Thanks again!

Mark (Baryenbruch)

Hi Steve,

I am writing to thank you for helping to make my Unit 1 archery elk hunt a success and a very enjoyable experience. I greatly appreciate your attention to detail and the excellent communication before my hunt. My guide, Daniel Thompson, was super. Daniel was knowledgeable, hard working, and did everything possible to make sure that I had a great hunt and a good experience. Opening morning was incredible with screaming bulls all around us, in fact we got into elk every time we went out - it was a lot of fun. My hunt ended all too soon with me arrowing a bull on the evening of the third day. He was "almost" my dream bull, with long sweeping tines on "one" side - however, in the excitement and the thick pinion/juniper, I didn't confirm that the other side was just as good before I made up my mind to take him - but that's hunting. Even with the weak side, he is still impressive and a very unique and cool looking bull - as a friend of mine said, "he ain't half bad".

I am very pleased with my bull and with the wonderful experience that I had hunting with Chappell Guide Service. Thanks again for a great hunt and I wish you the very best.


Mark Thomson


I would like to thank You, Gary, and Vic for a tremendous hunt. You were extremely well prepared for my Unit 9 archery elk hunt!  Vic was a very competent and personable camera-man, and Gary was an incredible scouter, tracker, & hunter as well. 

I consider Unit 9 to be the best unit to hunt elk in the state.  As a result of my hunt with you, I think there is no better guide service than Chappell Guide Service. The hunt was very exciting with the number and size of trophy bulls that I saw called in to bow range! I would highly recommend Chappell Guide Service, and I know I will use you again when I draw another tag.

Thank you,

Danny Loyd, Kingman Arizona

Hi Steve,
Had a great time hunting with your guide, Justin (GREAT GUY).  Got me a nice 6x6 and Craig missed his bull.
Justin was very knowledgeable and very helpful with our late season hunt. Had a great time!!
Thanks again,
Tony (Pavell) & Craig (Chenosky)

 (Written in response to a friend who inquired about Robert's Unit 9 Archery hunt with us)... 

I have not had a chance to check my home e-mail account for a while. The hunt went well. We had over 50 bulls in archery range. I shot a decent bull the second to the last day, which was my mistake. Passed on four bigger bulls on that morning alone and about 40 of the bulls within archery range that were bigger during the hunt. It was an amazing hunt. Some mornings we called in over 12 bulls. Tim Stanley was my guide but Steve Chappell helped out for several days after his hunter tagged a 360" bull. Both great guides I would recommend. I am planning on sending Steve an e-mail recommendation.

The camera guy almost got run over by a bull and Tim hit a 5x6 bull in the side with a rock thrown left handed to keep it from running him over. I passed a 345 bull that walked by me at 5 yards the second day.

On about the sixth day, I shot a bull (6x7) in the 375 range that Steve called in on a string, but hit him high in the shoulder. The bull came in to 20 yards but spooked- It was a quick shot at over 50 yards and I miss judged the yardage by about 5 yards (all on video). It was not a kill shot. They were able to get some incredible video. All in all a great hunt. I would definitely recommend Tim and Steve. Both unbelievable at calling in elk and great guys. Steve even took the time to give me calling lessons and I was able to call in a 6x6 bull by camp.

Thank you for recommending them.

Robert Ringwald  

Dear Steve,

The (6B Archery) Elk hunt is over but the memories, and experiences will not be forgotten. While I did not fill my tag, your guide Gil did an awesome job.

He called and guided me to multiple opportunities including some very large bulls. Throughout the hunt Gil always maintained a professional approach and taught me a lot about hunting. I highly recommend your services, and Gilbert Romero.


Don Phillips


Hi Don,

Thank you for the kind words about your hunt. I know from keeping in touch with Gil, that you and Gil put out a supreme effort to tag a bull and just had a couple of bad breaks go against you. Archery is a game of inches and so it could have easily ended with your tag on one of those nice bulls that you shot at.

I am out guiding on the rifle hunt but wanted to be sure to thank you for hunting with us and to encourage you to visit with me each year about your AZ hunt choices since we would love the opportunity to hunt with you again.

Thanks again,

Steve Chappell

Hello, Steve. It is good to hear from you and I hope you have had some successful hunters.

I thoroughly enjoyed hunting with your guide,Tommy. He and I certainly have similar hunting goals, ethics, desire, etc., when it came to chasing elk. I also enjoyed meeting his dad, wife and daughter. The unit was really picturesque and we saw and heard many elk every day. Our hunt was extremely exciting and I was very pleased with both my bull and my shot.

I have been fortunate to hunt many places for many species of animals and I can honestly say this was as exciting a hunt as I have ever experienced. I am so glad I chose the archery hunt and greatly appreciate all of your assistance throughout the process. It was very rewarding to have put in the hours of practice and realizing the goal I set. I am going to begin reapplying next year and have many hunting buddies that want to do the same after seeing the pictures and hearing about the hunt. I will gladly recommend Chappell Guide Service to all of them.

Thanks again for yours and Tommy's professionalism as well as the prompt and courteous assistance before and throughout the hunt. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

Best regards,

Mike Bruce
Buford, GA

Hey Steve,

Just wanted to let you know what a great hunt I had.  I know Justin sent you some pics of the bull we were able to get. I could not be any happier, and a week after we got the bull I'm still on a high and enjoying elk steaks!

I can't tell you enough about your guide, Justin. From the first contact with him, all the way until we dropped off the cape at the taxidermist, he was always available for any questions I had before the hunt.  He had the best spots on the unit away from the crowd scouted, and we were on bulls the evening before the hunt.

The opening morning we were sourrounded by 5 or 6 screaming bulls but couldn't get close enough for a shot because of swirling winds. On the evening hunt, we heard a bull bugle up the mountain and even though we couldn't see him, Justin formulated a plan to close the gap to the bull. After cutting the distance, the bull was coming in to Justin's cow calls, but he was trying to wind us, so we had to keep cutting him off until the bull was frustrated and came straight to the cow calls. We didn't have eyes on him until he was standing 45 yds from me and had a split second decision to decide if I wanted to take the shot.  Luckily I took the shot and hit both lungs. The bull ran less than 50 yards and then the fun began...what an experience, I want to do it all over again!

Thank you both for making this amazing experience I'll never forget happen.

Pablo Varela

Thanks for teaming me up with your guide, Daniel Thompson for my Unit 27 Late Hunt. He was an excellent guide and very motivated to get a big bull for us. It happened on the first day and I could not ask for anything more than that.

Chappell Guide Service is the most organized and well put together outfitter I have been around. You also get back to your clients in a very timely manner.

It surprised me when you said your guides do not drink during hunts. In almost every hunt I have previously been on, the hunters/guides were very heavy drinkers. Maybe the differences are not coincidental.

Hopefully I can get drawn again and work with you guys in the future.
Brad Bettencourt
Appreciate the e-mail. Been meaning to send one to you but have been very busy since returning from the hunt.

Just to let you know, your guide Jed was the most hard working guide I've hunted with in years. He definately went the extra mile to make my hunt successful and a lot of fun. Jed's cooking abilities were amazing!! I particularly enjoyed the blackened prime rib and killer tators.

I definately will keep in contact with you as I have 14 deer points and 18 antelope points for AZ.

The hunt was everything I imagined and more!

Thanks again for everything,

Bob Pratt

Mr. Chappell, I was lucky enough to tag along with 2 of my elk hunting buddies on their recent Archery elk hunt in Unit 9. We were camped just down the road from you. One of your clients (Robert) was camped across the road from us. Robert would come over from time to time during the midday to chat with us about the hunt. Both of my friends tagged out on decent bulls on the fourth morning. While we were in camp cleaning skulls and relaxing two of your guides, Tim & Paul, stopped in to chat and congratulated my friends.  We had a great talk about elk hunting, calling and bulls of the unit.

Anyway, I just thought I would let you know that they were very nice guys and great representatives for your business. Upon never having stepped foot in unit 9 and reading how cut-throat and competitive guiding can be in that unit, it was very nice to meet some genuine, polite, down to earth guys in the guiding business. I just wanted to give you kudos and wish you and your team the best success possible.

Your client, Robert was holding out for a 370+ bull, just wondering if he connected with his bull.



Thomas C. Johnson

Dear Steve,

Just thought I'd give you an update on my Unit 1 Archery Elk Hunt.  I know I have to wait for the 60 day drying period, but I just "unofficially" scored my elk according to Pope & Young.  The tough guy scored 376 7/8s Gross and 368 1/2 Net!!! Pretty nice elk I'd say, pretty darn nice!!!

I was one fantastic hunt. Daniel, your guide, was the very best!  I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed hunting with him.  He was very personable, fun to be with, knowledgeable, and a hard worker.  I was fortunate to harvest a beautiful bull and had a wonderful time every day of the hunt.  I will recommend your guide service to everyone I know.

Thanks Steve for giving me one of the best hunts of my life.

Dave Warner


I just wanted to say thank you again for our Arizona late elk hunt experience in Unit 7W.  It will be a hunt that I will never forget.  When I first spoke with you on the phone after I drew my tag, I knew I was in good hands for my hunt.  Your experience in elk country shows, we went in for a specific bull and ended up harvesting him.  That speaks volumes when you're chasing late season, pressured elk.  You go above and beyond to get a hunter his trophy bull.

It was an honor and a pleasure to hunt with you and I hope to do it again sometime.  It may look like my wife or son will draw a tag before I do again, so you can plan on seeing the Sarver family again.

Thanks again,

Jon Sarver

(Via Phone)
Mr. Chappell, I wanted to let you know that I had a very enjoyable and exciting hunt with your guides.
Brian and I both got great bulls.  I just wanted to call and tell you thank you.  Again, very exciting hunt!

Gilbert Ross

Hi Steve,

As you are aware, I just returned home from my 2011 Arizona Late Elk Hunt in Unit 7E, Northern Arizona with your outstanding guide, John.  At age 59, this was a hunt that I had dreamt about since my high school years.  The hunt was just as you had described in our correspondence and phone conversations.  Lots of hunters, elk scattered, and long range shooting (680 yards anchored mine).

I have hunted with six other outfitters and your outfit is right at the top.  Thank you so much for taking the time to provide me with everything that I needed in making my Arizona dream hunt come true.

Dave Wright- Indiana


Thank you for an Awesome Arizona Unit 10 elk hunt!! The guides were very professional.  Their expertise, knowledge, and dedication to the hunt was outstanding.

The elk hunt was once-in-a-lifetime and it was probably one of the most enjoyable and relaxing hunts that I have ever had knowing that I was in the hands of experts.

Thanks again,

Brian Fagerberg

Steve, Thanks for the most memorable hunt of a lifetime in Unit 9, Arizona!

I had been saving points by myself for many years to go on an Arizona Elk Hunt and wanted to do it right.  Well, I did!! I couldn't believe it (or could my friends), but the hunt was exactly like you described it to me- only better.  Hearing 6 to 8 bulls bugling every day and getting within archery range to 3, 4 or more daily was unbelievable.  It was just like the videos.

I knew after a few days of hunting with you, Nevan and Gary that I was having a memorable, close encounter elk hunt whether I killed or not.  The kill was just an added feature.

I feel very qualified to say after hunting 13 out of 14 days with you that your preseason scouting, knowledge, calling expertise, and dedication to the hunt is unequalled in a guide service.  Come next September I'll be wishing I was there hunting elk with you in sunny Arizona.  Steve, would you please thank the guys again personally for me that were there to help make my hunt a success.

Thanks Again!

Bill Arnold

Hi Steve,

I finally made it back home and am trying to get caught up with everything.

I had an AWESOME late hunt in Unit 23 with your guides, Rod and Dennis, and as you saw from the photos, the elk that I got was a VERY NICE BULL!!  I could not be happier with the way the hunt was conducted, and the professionalism exercised by these fine outdoorsmen!
We hunted hard, had to endure some poor weather conditions, and traveled many miles each day in search of mature, trophy bulls, which were not so easy to come by on the late hunt.  The country where Rod found my bull was some of the thickest, nastiest, tangled up mess that I have ever seen, and it is a miracle that he was able to pick out this bull in that stuff!
I was truly amazed at the cabability these guys had when glassing up elk in that huge country.  I thought I was good at glassing up animals in big country with the extensive mule deer hunting that I have done in the past 15 years, but I cannot hold a candle to Rod or Dennis!
These guys also worked very hard to ensure that the meat was well cared for and kept clean in the field, as well as taking extreme caution with handling the cape and the skinning process.  They were like Clydesdale Horses when it came to packing the meat and cape out!  I have nothing but good things to say about every aspect of the hunt, and would highly recommend your guide service to any potential clients!!
Thanks again for putting me in the best possible hands for this hunt, and I hope you and your family and team have a great Holiday Season!

Robert Batson


We had a great time on the Late elk hunt.  I cannot say enough good things about your guide Anthony- he did a great job.  I suspect our late hunt was better than most and would attribute that to knowing the area, knowing how to hunt, and remaining persistent and positive.
I have never hunted with a guide before and wasn't sure if it was for me, but now see how guides provide the opportunity for hunters to experience new places and hunt world class game.  It was a tremendous advantage to have Anthony lead me into elk country- but we still had to hunt hard.
We saw some bigger bulls during the hunt and missed a couple of opportunities, but I am very pleased with the bull I shot and the overall experience.  It was a long shot and I was allowed to participate in the activities after the shot.
I suspect it will be several years before I draw another Arizona elk tag.  When I do though, you will hear from me again.

I would be happy to speak with anyone considering your outfit and would give a great reference.

Thanks again,

Chad Howard

I cannot fully express the pleasure and enjoyment that I experienced with you on my recent Arizona Muzzleloader elk hunt.  I consider myself to be very demanding of my guided hunts; on the outfitter, guide, and myself.  In the days following a hunt, situations usually begin to be revisited in my head and the critiqueing begins.  I can honestly say that there is nothing I would have changed on our hunt. 
The thrill of having bulls literally standing over me will be forever etched in my memory.  The number of quality elk that we encountered, being surrounded by screaming bulls, and the dozens that you called in made this the true Hunt of a Lifetime.  You run a first class outfitting service and provided me with the opportunity to harvest a beautiful, trophy bull.
John Glatz


Thanks for a great hunt in Unit 3C!  Your guide could not have been more accommodating!  He always asked what ideas I might have in regards to where to hunt, how to approach the numerous bulls we encountered, etc.  It was nice of him to give up time with his family to go to dinner with me almost every night even though my hunt was "guided only". 
He was always on time to pick me up to hunt, always positive, and just a great guy to be with.  The only thing he needs to work on is being more brave when lightning strikes 40 yards away!
I'll be in touch about my future application choices.  Thanks again.

Tom Lindley


We made it home last night around 10PM from our late elk hunt...

We had a great time and are looking forward to hunting with your outfit again already.  I don't know if I can say enough about the guides to do them justice.  They are a couple of awesome guys.  They are very professional and hard working.  We were impressed with how well prepared they were and how well they knew the area. 
Probably the biggest plus for me was how much fun they made the hunt.  I knew going into the hunt that it was late and would be harder to get on animals than other times, but they made the hunt enjoyable none the less.
I will be talking with you in the very near future about places to put in for next year. 

Thanks for everything,

JD McDaniel

I will never forget the day that I got the phone call from my oldest son saying that I had drawn an Early Muzzle loader Arizona Unit 9 Bull tag.  I was so excited!  I called everyone that I knew to tell them the news.  Then I began to think about all of the work that I had ahead of me... sighting in my gun, scouting, buying all the necessities, etc.  I knew that I had drawn the tag of a lifetime- now all I had to do was capitalize.
Within weeks of the draw results I began to visit with various guide services.  One stood out- Chappell Guide Service.  Steve sent me a DVD and I watched in amazement at some of the bulls that were on it.  I thought to myself, "Man would I like to get a shot at a bull like those!"  I called Steve back and we set up the hunt!
It seemed like the next few months took forever to pass, but the day finally came.  I met with Steve and John, who would be guiding me.  On opening day we immediately got into bulls.  John was very impressive to hunt with.  He could hear a bull bugle, recognize him, and say, "He's going this way," and everytime we would intercept the bull.  We were seeing lots of good bulls but just weren't getting the good shot that we needed.
On the third evening of the hunt, John intercepted a bull that had cows with him.  The cows walked past us and out of site with no shot at the bull.  Then John cow called and the cows came back.  John said, "Get ready, the bull will follow."  Again John was right.  The bull came out and my shot was right on!
My bull is a 6x7 with an extra brow tine that scores in the 360's.  What a fantastic hunt!  Thank you Steve and John for making this a Hunt of a Lifetime for me!


Randy Cumbie


My Archery Elk Hunt with your outfit was the Best of my Lifetime.  I really enjoyed George Jr. & Sr.  They were very professional. The only problem was that they fed me too much!
Be assured if I ever get drawn again for elk that I will be in contact with you to hunt again with your team.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Sincerely & Thanks Again,

John Breitkreitz

Hi Steve,

We have been busy since I got back from the elk hunt, trying to get the cotton ready for harvest, doing some laser leveling, and planting alfalfa.  I think the worst day hunting is more fun than the best day farming!

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my elk hunt.  Your guide, Anthony, was thoroughly familiar with the hunt unit, and it was very apparent that he had put in a lot of time scouting the area and the elk.  He found elk virtually everyday we went out.

As you mentioned, this was not an ideal year due to the lack of moisture, and earlier start of the hunt.  But, whatever your methods are for hiring quality guides for your team- it is working.  If I get drawn again, you will be the first call that I make.


Claude Brown


The hunt with your guides couldn't have been better.  I feel that they did the best possible job for me.

I had hopes and visions of a slightly bigger bull, but I am convinced that we got one of the biggest available this year.

Bringing my own camp and going "guided only" was the perfect choice for me. 


Billy Cox 

Well what can I say but that it was another awesome season.  I had drawn a late bull rifle tag.  With low draw results here in Arizona, I was fortunate to get drawn.  I have been to many Elk Society and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation events where I first met Steve back in 2005. 

I have been on many guided hunts all over the US and have had a lot of experiences with guide companies.  Once I received my 2009 draw results, I immediately booked my hunt with Chappell Guide Service.  I have been following his elk seminars and his Extreme Bulls videos for several years.  I knew that Steve and his guides would be the perfect fit for me.

Your guide John's knowledge and behavior patterning of elk was outstanding.  His hunting ability and professionalism was by far among the best that I have experienced.  With the challenges of a late season hunt and a huge amount of hunting pressure in the area, I had my doubts, but we were on bulls every day.

I was successful and harvested a 6x7 with a gross score of 355" on the third day of the hunt!  I feel that a strong friendship has been formed.  When I draw again, I will definitely hunt with Chappell Guide Service. I highly recommend them to others for a great and stratifying hunt of a life time!

Best of Wishes,

Rodney Faria, Phoenix, AZ

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